Courtney Conlogue - Emerald Odyssey - Ireland Surf Adventure

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  • Uploaded 11 months ago in the category Adventure

    The next time you travel to a rugged coastline and find yourself winding your way past a castle or two to take a look a the local swell, you might see Courtney Conlogue there too.

    She will already have wet-suited up, counting the waves, timing the sets, and picking out the line-up.

    Maturity, attractiveness and friendly charm may be part of her character, but watching her eyes reveals something altogether different; forceful, focused discipline, defiant, driven determination and studied tenacity.

    Courtney is focused on only one goal; becoming World Champion.



    Courtney's at the top of the list for the crown.


    "As Colorful As Ever" by Broke For Free

    "Beyond Something Beautiful" by Scott Holmes

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